The ways of an eagle surprised me when i first came to know them. Now a time when the world needs problem solvers,i have been drawn to think of the eagle, a bird with a strong sense of to keeping it self on the sky. Don’t we need people who are focused in helping others to discover themselves? Don’t we need people who will stand for social justice in this world? Don’t we need people with a strong sense of good governance? or is it that we have given up on our hopes and dreams of having a better society?

Let us consider some principles of an eagle that can help social entrepreneur in quest for great achievement in helping the community.

EAGLES FLY ALONE While setting out as a social investor at some point you will find yourself alone without support from your closest friends. Take for instance, you have to quit your job to pursue helping the less fortunate in the community. You maybe drained of cash, for a while you may be scolded by your family members. Yes it might be very solitary, but it is only the vision bearer who really has a picture of what he/she want to achieve. That even if you start explaining to others they may fail to see it clearly as you do. So social investors keep their focus on the goals.

EAGLES EAT LIVE FOOD with the heights that eagles fly they can only access live insects to feed on. Given that social entrepreneurs have set their standard so high they need to feed themselves with new knowledge. For anybody who does not re-educate him/herself is doomed to mediocrity. social investors should run to learn from the new refreshing information in the market. getting a chance to learn a new thing and teaching it to the people will itself motivate many.

EAGLES TEST BEFORE THEY TRUST it was interesting to know that before the eagles mate, the female eagle flies down to the ground and pick a twig with its beak, it then fly about three miles up while the male follows. It releases the twig, the male chases after the twig. if it catches the twig it flies up and throws it to the she-eagle. this is done three times. Therefore,it is important to know that trust is achieved through a process. Nobody will trust you the first time you meet. It is painstakingly developed through several interaction.Before you gain trust from people you will have to invest in them emotionally, economically and intellectually.Hope we understand that for any withdrawal from a commercial bank you must invest with them. And during the time of investment you get to learn whether the bank will be a good one to take a loan facility. The same way we need to interrogate those that we bring closer our circles.Are they a liability or assets before we trust them.

EAGLES LOVE STORM this an interesting according to human instinct we will always run away from problems contrary to the eagle that runs towards the storm. For the eagle, the storm helps it to gain more energy. Coming to think of it , i realized that we need storms to strengthen our resolve to achieve more. Challenges should give us an impetus to dream bigger dreams. Challenges should strengthen our thinking muscle just like the storm does to the eagle

EAGLES PREPARE TIME FOR TRAINING eagles invest time in developing others , they make their nests on high cold cleft rocks. The eagles nest is made of straws, feathers cotton grass and thorns . To encourage the to fly out of the nest the mothers eagle rips off the nest until it reaches the thorns . The thorns then prick the eagle lets which then jump to the mothers wings .Here the flying sessions begins for the eagle lets. Like the eagles do, we are supposed to take our time to build relationships and trust. This way, we will be able to help each other grow. It is said that like iron sharpens iron so does man iron another man. Let us develop a strong sense of helping others. Joel Osteen says help others and your leave to God He will do it for you.
This world hunger for men and women who are hungry for social justice, alleviation of poverty and harmonious coexistence. Being social entrepreneurs we have that opportunity to serve others to cause a change in the world. JOIN ME LET AS CONTINUE MOVING TOWARDS SERVING THE PEIOPLE


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