How many times have you thought about the security of your job? How bad do you dread the imagination of retrenchment? What about you looking for a job, tarmacking was it a nightmare for you or it still is? Understanding the importance of social currency will change your perception to job security.

Let me start by explaining the meaning of social currency. Currency by itself, economist defines it as anything that is accepted to be used as a medium of exchange. Therefore, social currency is an acceptable mean by which human being interact to help in developing themselves. Social currency is equal to your network. Network refers to all people you know that you can introduce to others (T.J O’Donnell)

Many who I have interacted with all got their jobs through their networks, me too, I got my job through my network. Immediately out of university I was working, some of my colleagues wondered how I managed to get my job so fast. What maybe they didn’t know is that it cost a fortune for one to create a valuable network and I had already incurred some cost to build it. They say career opportunities come to those who network, it is also true that we are six degree of separation from one another and thus from our dream job

How then can one create a network? It is extremely difficult for those who don’t know where such opportunities lie, or bad enough for those who will squander the chance when it comes because they never saw it come. It is an expensive task; you have to invoke your patience for you to survive in the field of social investment. According to Joel Osteen “becoming a better you “, creating a social capital requires one to nurture the habit of investing. Social investment is a process of developing others, helping them to discover their abilities, talents, gifts, and humbly helping others to achieve their dreams. Dale Carnegie says that the best way to win a person is to concentrate on what they are doing better, appreciate them and that is the magic way of getting access to people in order to developing relationship.

You don’t have to deplete your bank accounts to help others with money. Relationships are not build around money and those that are, always plummet when it is gone. Just genuine concern of other people’s welfare is the starting point. Empathize with others; never let your brother drown for you may never have somebody to work with you when they are no more. For if you want to go far join a group but if you want to go fast go alone. Blessed are those that give than those who receive, be on the giving end. And if everybody strives to be on the giving end, then at any given time they will also be at the receiving end.

Start by listening to others, that is why God gave us two ears and one mouth to speak less and hear more. Of course this does not happen in a day, it is a process. Before the process is over we will experience the pain, we will have to endure the inconvenience of sometimes being engaged even in odd times. But when you make yourself vulnerable to your networks you will reap in the fullness of time. It is true that when you help your network they will repay you, you will never ask for it, it will just come so long as you have done the right social investment.

Think of john Wesley and his brother Charles, think of the investment they made in Bill Graham the most influential preacher in the United States today. Helping him to develop by giving him a position to lead was the greatest investment they made. He has left a mark in the church especially evangelism and all this is a credit to the Wesley brothers. Business is about relationship, you must get people to trust in what you do. According to John C .Maxwell it is all about developing other leaders, that way you will have a good recommendation. The best kind of a resume one can have is creating an impact on the lives of people. You will not be scared of looking for a job, this way you can ask your boss to fire you because you are not hopeless, you can easily invoke your network to get another.

When you think of this great names like nelson Mandela, mother Theresa Martin Luther king junior and many others they gave themselves to the people. They helped many in return they have not only sunk in the mind of the people but also in their hearts. Nelson Mandela will go everywhere in the world while he was alive, he will meet the who in who in the world. He was jailed for 27 years not because of crimes but because of his people. Finally when he came out everybody was ready to die for him. Can you imagine that! If we nurture our networks we will not be worried of what will come next. For even if you are caught up in unknown waters, you will swim comfortably with your social currency as floaters.
Let us make hey while the sun is shining


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