How important does the government takes its citizen is directly proportional to the strength of its people to negotiate for their social contract.Dr.Robbie Abed has described this extensively while explaining the Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA) To him BATNA is a course of action taken by a party if the current negotiation fail and an agreement cannot be reached.
while meditating on the concept i wondered how we are doing as a people. it left in me a feeling and urge to find more about our relationship with our leaders. several questions are lingering in my mind and maybe the same questions will disturb you the same way they have done to me.
one, how does your leader look at you. does he/she look at you as helpless individual who have no option than to work for him or her. Two, is your contribution valued in your organization as an employee, or as a citizen of a country, does the government recognize you as an important part of the population? if the answer is no just like me, then we have a task of checking whether our self worthy is known to our leaders. And this is where our bargain in the social contract start. let us take a journey of what Dr. Robbie Abed has suggested for one to increase and make known of self worthy.
Firstly, for one’s self worthy to be recognized they have to do it outside their current employer or leader. this is so inspiring , but the thought of it can be scary because of fear. it will need a strategy for one to move out of the comfort zone to venture into unknown waters. In most cases I have observed that it only requires one to initiate the others will flow and even overflow after some time. so as citizens we need to interrogate our current leaders find other ways of demonstrating our self worthy. for instance we need to find a way of empowering ourselves, For us to shun the handouts given by our politicians. they makes us endeared to them. If we can redeem our minds from the beggar mentality to producers we will have the bargaining power when it comes to  election of leader. it will be difficult for a politician to buy your vote.
I know one is going to ask which way can we empower ourselves without politicians? the answer is simple, let us discover our abilities and talents, put them too use in a small way, talk to your friends relatives and anybody who cares to listen to you, you will eventually find one who will believe in you. I am a strong believer of the saying ‘birds of the same feathers flock together’, majority of us belong to the same social status and that gives us a base to start from. i call this the MAGIC OF SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP, Joel Osteen call it A SOCIAL INVESTMENT – an investment that can never be depleted. Daniel Gollman call it the power of interpersonal intelligence, social intelligence and emotional intelligence. John c.Maxwell call it the art of leadership.
Secondly, for us to increase ourselves worth we need to show to the world what we have created and not what we can create.these challenged me, while traveling in a noisy matatu (traveling bus) i was taken by my thoughts i bet you can gause what i was thinking. You are right if you said’ what has the author of this article created ‘which can be shown to the world for him to prove his self worthy. I found so little that if I went asking for more from my employer he will tell me is OK you can leave if you don’t like it. I mean it might be cheap to be replace me. Why i have not become indispensable is a question i will need to answer before that dreaded thing creeps in(dismissal letter). maybe i need to read the book ‘i beg you to fire me‘ to understand where one gets the courage to say this. Hoping that when i am done that spirit will be in me. You can also consider doing this. we need to  create more to show our self worthy.

Thirdly, we need too know what we are worthy and be prepared to accept the alternative agreement when the negotiation fails. they have repeatedly said a glass of water in a desert is worthy more than the same glass of water in a pool at a party. i mean we need to stand out from the rest. can you imagine if the thirty million people who leave in dilapidated constitutions stood out from the few millionaires we have in Kenya. i know one may wonder but i know some people example the founding father of Singapore Lee Kuan made Singapore a better place than Kenya 50 years later they are in two different worlds. one is a first world the other a third world. Now Singapore is a respected nation, like wise if we utilize our capabilities our leaders will find us relevant, our employers will find us indispensable we will be like the glass of water in the desert. let us strive, let us work out of our comfort zones and work to increase our self worthy.


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