Have you thought of how things change. Do you imagine how human beings can change especially when they get power. while growing i saw people mistreat others because they had more than others, but now i see how nature has its own ways of neutralizing extravagant and arrogant people.

Be good to people on your way up for you will find them on your way down. this a statement that makes my heart beat abnormally when i try to figure out the future, it creates in me a desire to help other people. get others to be self reliant encouraging them to discover their abilities and talents. this way you will test the sweet aroma of change that you sprayed on others in you low moments

Paul polak is an experienced social innovator, a man whose interaction has enriched his knowledge such that when he speaks the sparks of wisdom that come out will make world changers to yearn for more.if African leaders will open their hearts and mind so as to help others, we will be the source of great thing for the world.I am positive, with the tides of change that has engulfed young African minds we will be able to overcome the shortcomings.

Social investment is the only way to get ourselves from the viscous cycle of poverty. until as many people know the importance of our diversity and appreciates it we will remain where we are.My joy will be that time that we learn to encourage one another without discrimination of tribe and social status. that time that the majority live on more than one dollar a day.


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