. The subject mentioned above has been tackled well by J .T .O DONNELL an influencer in LinkedIn

Reflecting on the subject i find interesting insight especially how we handle our professionalism.  to her one must explore his or her G.R.I.T.(Guts Resilience,Innovation,Tenacity).  for them to be indispensable.

how does the G.R.I.T contribute to developing ones indispensability especially in SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP.

GUTS it has been defined as personal courage and determination; toughness of character.  ,if you never poses it you will tremble if you were told that your job will end today. that is maybe one thing that you don’t even want to imagine in an  era when job security is a norm. guts will help one venture into the unknown waters. it can be daunting but with toughness of character you can still hold you head high and move on.

secondly RESILIENCE have you thought about this, do you know significant ti is for developing our selves. well resilience has been said to be the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. if what we dreaded happened today will you give up on life? will you resign to self -pity. the ability to bounce back from difficulties is a basic ingredient in social entrepreneurship. if we have to help those who are facing the harsh reality of civil war in South Sudan, we need to have the strength to go back and educate the people. we need to have the audacity to condemn the acts of violence without reservation. it might be dangerous but should continue.

think of INNOVATION. it is a word that roam through the lips of many but what does it exactly mean to us, social entrepreneurs? coming up with new ideas thinking differently. To do this we need to do what the author of THE BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY  feels leting people to do those crazy thing that they are imagining. to John Hagel lll et al  in their book the THE POWER OF PULL, they say strategic partnership will encourage innovation. until we understand the dynamics in the current environment we will squander the great innovations. we should encourage free thinking and sharing.

 the last element is tenacity- if you realized you have a talent are you able to continue on griping- then you are tenacious  that quality or fact of being able to grip something firmly; grip: until we learn to be persistent we will loose valuable things. to J.T.O DONNELL and many others committed to share their experience and insight thank you.

let us all learn to share, then we will unlock our ability to think out of a closed box



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