I want to share the sentiment of MARI MALEK- one of the best established Sudanese  model in the USA- that lack of education is the source of all problems in their lovely country. just like NELSON MANDELA once said ( education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world). but who is responsible for lack of education in South Sudan? who is to blame for the heinous atrocities meted on the poor people? until this puzzle is solved we will continue to experience nasty occurrences in our newborn country in Africa and indeed the world.

let us take a small journey through the history of this country now making headlines throughout the world.January 1956 Sudan got independence from Egypt. up to 2002 the people of south Sudan were still embroiled in civil war of over two decades.literally the Sudanese people have seen war all their life. this for me is the worst experience that human beings will be allowed to go through.

 the scars left in the hearts of young people are excruciating, the sorrow and pain is unbearable. to this people sympathizers and chief encourages are most precious. the brave men and women are the only miracle they need.the likes of MARI MALEK with such organization as (STAND FOR EDUCATION) Getting knowledge to their fellow human beings.

To the leaders, our supposed to be fathers who have turned to be so merciless, i pray that one day you will have the heart to regret what has happened and learn to teach the progeny, integrity, servant hood and respect for humanity. this does not directly refer to the republic of south Sudan but to all those who are in leadership positions more especially from my continent Africa..

It is never about our tribe, because even when our chieftains are in power we suffer the blunt of war. for instance the ongoing tussles in our newest country, according to UN secretary general Ban KI moon, both Riek machars tribe (Nuer) and  president Kiir’s tribe (Dinka ) have taken refuge in the UN camps. this tell us that non has been spared. they all freeze at the of a sound of the gun.

what is the lesson from all this controversies. That we the common people are the most affected , we should rise above our tribal cocoon and be our neighbours keeper. When things go wrong the scary images will run in our children’s children blood veins for they are deeply entrenched that they will seem fresh everyday.

We should shun away from those who want to use us to climb into position of leadership. to my people who regard others as equal and deserve the best opportunities in life, let us join hands to help our brothers and sisters in the republic of South Sudan. whichever small way you can do that will be of help.

 to the leaders of South  Sudan it is an appeal that you will let your people have a better life than they have had before.



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