Several families throughout Kenya are trying to come to terms with the disgusting mass death that has engulfed their families.it all started when several poor men and women walked down into the dens of illicit liquor to wash away their hunger, angers and desperation. trying to forget that they are going to sleep hungry, trying to push away the memory of their young children who will be languishing in the pangs of hunger all night long, trying to forget how miserable tomorrow will be even as they hope to live it the way it comes.

However, tomorrow will never come for some of them. and if they were lucky, they will start a new life in the world of forever darkness thanks to countryman liquor which has deprived them of their eyesight. as the  wails from all over the country intensify, the government leaders remain silent as if everything was very normal.They continue enjoying their meticulously distilled wines from the best vineyards in the world accompanied by a delicious nyama choma(roast meat) from the fat well treated mbuzi (goat). To them it is the problems of those who don’t know how to take care of their health who are dying. and by the way they are even lessening the burden of running the country.

Who is to blame? the poor people who have lost their lives, when the cost of living in the country has been on spiral upward move, When the cost of milk is thrice the cost of the illicit brew? live is so unbearable for the common man. it is a disgusting imagination, filled with scary ugly images that will cause you to walk down the aisle of death. that dangling image of the future will give you the courage to face that strong sip of death for tomorrow might be tougher than today. true that when we loss the hope for a better tomorrow we will never have a reason to wait for it.

oooooh yes yes! the government leaders have waken and found over hundred people have died , the heads will start rolling. But whose head, those low cadre officials. Yes they have been interdicted, is that the solution , No! many will continue to drink. The solution is with the senior government officials  to come up with policy documents to curb this menace. until the people feel that their lives might be better tomorrow they may continue drinking.

The quality of liquor has been compromised since the administration has made the brewing dens a money making stations . they will every time within a certain interval get paid in order to shut their mouth, close their eyes and ears so that they don’t get what is happening. The brewers have to compensate, hence will find a way to make a strong and cheap brew. until the people die then the cries of the compassionate citizens concerned of their people become extremely loud then  they start seeing some bad things happening within their  locality. it is so unfortunate but that is the reality.

The facts remains that no one is going to help the poor. unless we take initiative, Those of us who feel that every person has a role to play in building a better community we will have terribly failed. it is my humble submission that as Kenyans let us take the responsibility of helping others discover their God given potentials to build a better future.

 To the government of Kenya , may you find urgent need of taking responsibility protecting your people, for you gonna account for what you have done.Let your policies be of help to the majority not to yourselves your families and friends.





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