Unless we expect something we cant dream and if we cant dream then we will have a blurred future.a future that we don’t know is tantamount to failure in life.But how do we manage our expectations for us to make the most out of it? the answer is learn to share what you want with trusted friends. let them give their opinions and experiences of their similar expectations they have had before.

Through collaboration we can mitigate the consequences of our expectations. do you know that failing to meet expectation is the number one killer of motivation in people? that is why we need to know how to handle failure. one loses self esteem when they get something short of what they expected.

Daniel Coleman has written extensively on social and emotional intelligence, it is this factors that will help us develop stamina to failure to meet certain expectations. if we master how to handle our emotions we will overcome the hangovers of failing to meet our expectation.

communicating your expectations and accepting failure is one of the best way to overcome the fear of failing again. it helps one to develop a mindset of trying again. therefore for social leaders in corporate and non-governmental organization should learn to communicate their expectations to their employees and help them to learn on hoe to measure success




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