for us to make a change in the world we need to learn on how to handle our brothers and sisters.until we learn this essential skill of social intelligence we will never inspire even ourselves.Reading through Paul Mariano’s  book carrots and sticks don’t work i realized that for social  entrepreneurship to take root we need to adopt the RESPECT MODEL

R RECOGNITION= while reading through shaman’s book zen of social marketing i was surprised to learn that people are on social media not to connect to others but to be known. they are there to display what the have, their talents, and their prowess. this the informs social entrepreneurs the position of recognition in a human being.

E-EMPOWERMENT- until we discover the talents and capabilities within us we will continue to sit and complain of what somebody is not doing for us. building peoples capacity is the only way we can get ourselves out of poverty hunger and unemployment.if many of our campanies took the task of helping others to discover themselves,social problems will be  a thing of the past.

s-suppportive feedback- we need to know what is the effects of what we are doing through encouraging people to respond

partinering- the world structures are rpidly changing from push error where you will follow certain structures strictly without deviating. this era was characterized by the C.E.O and  directors having the final say. However things have drastically changed to pull era whe you use the ACT(Atract-Convert-Transform) will never force somebody to do something but get that person to contribute like a co-owner of what you are doing

E-EXPECTATION- what are the expectation of your people unless we know what we are expecting we will never make a slight change. we should learn on how to control our expectation

C-CONSIDERATION- always give equal opportunity to others to make contributions. a good leader should not have all the answers but to have people around him who can easily share their mind. this is the secret behind Henry fords company

T-TRUST finally Paul Marciano concludes by trust which if you miss you will forever mark-time on the same spot without moving. trust is build over a long period of time. you will never gain trust in a day but through a slow process of interaction and sharing.

we can achieve what we want by everyday doing something to build a better tomorrow



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