in the contemporary society branding is at a risky not because people are not doing enough. but rather doing so much which is so contradicting.many times you might have seen somebody you thought stands for something but does completely the opposite what you always thought he stands for. then the question how can we sustain our image on what we represent.

proper communication is the solution. get to say what you represent stand on what you think is right but always allow others to make contribution. this will cement your relationship with others. it is unless people feel that you care for them then they will promote your brand. you can experience unprecedented growth in your brand if you are able to touch the hearts of people.

confusion in communication of a brand occur when what you are communicating is not what you clients feel, is not what your neighbours feel you stand for. if we want to be understood, let us seek to understand for our selves. let us learn on how to accommodate others and what they feel they represent.

never dismiss others peoples perspective unless you want to say you are the source of knowledge. with each of us being different like the fingerprints, we have varied talents and we have the ability to share what can change the world. let us learn to tap from the flow of knowledge. tacit knowledge is the game changer as we prepare for the big shift. a social revolution where everybody will have equal knowledge to contribute to the growth of the economy.

as knowledge base increases we should learn on how to communicate so us to avert the confusion. confusion which affect the brand that we are developing. let our branding depends on great values. values like honest and social justice. with this in place we are headed to the right direction



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