As social entrepreneurs who is our enemy?this a question we should be asking ourselves even in our dreams. because there exist an enemy who will never want us to grow. an enemy who will never let us find the sweetness of being rich. an enemy that will never let us stay peaceful, an enemy that will strife to make us find fault in our neighbours.

 this is the enemy i refer to crocodile in that quiet and smooth flowing river. an hungry lion waiting for its prey in a serene environment in the forest.poverty, hopelessness,unemployment are all caused by this enemy.

our enemy is greedy and recklessness of our human nature. it never let our eyes to see the plight of our friends , neighbour and others in dire need of our help. it blindfolds us to always think of ourselves and our immediate family. this enemy has nurtured the dragon which will take years to be tamed(corruption).

the dragon is swallowing every thing it can get.it doesn’t care, whether resources available are to help the poor and helpless people. it does not feel anything when the resources belong to those affected by the deadly virus. to them every thing is the same. the world is round and equal.

it is going to take the energy of those with big hearts to fight this vice. those of us who feel thing should be done differently. those who feel that we are all equal but others were unlucky to receive what we have already received. we need to help them to raise from where they are to a level above.

social innovators should be at the fore front in advocating for a social revolution to change the way things work. it is our responsibility. it is your responsibility. let us rise up to the occasion and do what we were meant to do.


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