While i sit back and contemplate of the social problems that we face, i realize that the buck stops at us, social entrepreneurs. being part of problem solvers can be a daunting task. it calls for patience of high degree. it requires resilience and determination. it requires sacrifice and the will to share.

the world is changing at a high rate.the knowledge flow speed is marvelous. to most established companies this can be a chaotic and disadvantageous, to those of us who wish to see social equality it is a blessing and great opportunity for social entrepreneurship. nowadays you cant commit a crime and imagine you will not be caught. with the use of technology you will be surprised to see your fanny clip playing on social media, if then we get to encourage the openness and commitment to solve our problems we can.

it will only take the willingness of our leaders to achieve this objective. for instance i should be assured safety if i expose a corrupt leader. i should be given an opportunity to air my idea toward solving a social problem. people should be encouraged to share what the feel is important. we should get ways of supporting those who have talents but have no capacity to develop them. we should stop always depending on white collar jobs. we need to change our structure of our education system.

in Kenya we are endowed with brightest and smart minds, we are endowed with resources. we are only needed to harness them and we will experience exponential growth. bid goodbye to poverty and welcome abundance and a feeling of satisfaction. we can do it let us learn on how to utilize what we have.


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