and we are on the way to unprecedented revolution. a revolution which is slowly creeping into our world. a revolution, not agrarian, not industrial but social revolution where we appreciate the value of social innovation. using the power of attraction to ensure constant flow of tacit knowledge. knowledge that will improve the quality of our local production, knowledge that will enhance our marketing skills.

social revolution will see people take their own security seriously as a community, revolution that will see us protect our women from molestation, a revolution that will see us protect our old people, revolution that will cause us to accept our brothers and sisters living with disability.

we are almost bursting into that glorious moment we want to call for you to join us. let us not blind fold our eyes. lets us not be ambushed by this revolution.let us prepare for it both physically, mentally and even politically. we will never avoid it.

people at the bottom of the pyramid are many with talents and ability to do great things and this is where it will all start


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