when i think of what we were created to do, i sometimes wonder whether we are really doing it. how many people are struggling and we pretend that we don’t see. how many neigbours son,s have become thugs while we look at them as they are drawn into that because of poverty? we watch insecurity escalate because youths have started redirecting their energy towards crime. we smile and say they are not our family relative or friends.

exclusion, scorn and unappreciative nature of those who have bestowed to help have forfeited their obligation. the world is hungry of visionary and courageous individuals who will stand and start recognizing that we all matter.

let us evoke the humanity in us lets us join hands to to save the drowning morals. let us learn to get to the uncommon places to get people know that they have what they can do uniquely that no one can do. let us learn to appreciate where we come from and learn to hold the hands of our friends to lead them. this will make us grow socially economically and even politically

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