Have you ever thought how different we are from other creatures. come to think of it , i realize that none can say they are not emotional.this was meant to help us develop and help others. just take a minute and think of those you think are so insensitive to emotions. follow their dealings back to thei9r homes. one thing you will find for sure is they care. even those who act like they don’t do, they know that deep in their conscious.

how can this be advantageous to us. social entrepreneurs? knowing that everybody need to appreciated, this will be the catching point in trying to help others feel they can also contribute to the development of the society. Andrew Carnegie said that the only secret to a persons heart is appreciation. and those who get to utilize this are able to make a change it the lives of people.

 have you ever asked yourself why people riot ? it is because they feel excluded and unappreciated. once that desperation creeps into the hearts of people they rarely think. they can do something unreasonable. considering this facts them requires leaders to consider others and make them feel they are meaningful and have a reason to continue living to help change the world.

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