Like the good book states do not ye conform to the world but be transformed through the renewal of your mind.change starts from our mind. unless we do that the great changes we anticipate will wait for a while before we realize any. we will only continue dreaming but will ever renmain the same.

until we discover how important it is to change our political and religious rhetoric to a conrete strategic action we are doomed to remain limited and confined within our prison of wishiful thinking.

 and until we deliberately decide not to blindly follow the affluent ,well to do political leaders and vicars.we continue to suffer self low esteem and humiliation. strength and will to desist from negative ethnicity will make us understand we are the architects and designers of our destiny.

 it is my humble submission that we heed to the call of becoming aware of our environment and those who command it and refuse to be part of those mistreating others due their standing on the social status

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