when you interact with people you learn of their social feelings and actions . how people react when they are with you explain a lot of what they think of do people feel when they are around you?if they are happy they will always want you to advice them on how they can change their lives for the better. but if the consider you not worth they will always flick at the mention of your name.

this should not be the case for all those who want to make a change in the world, those who want to move the world. to such people compassion should be aim, to encourage and give hope to those who have lost it. to help people discover their God given talent, to build a foundation for social equality. if we will manage to create a world without discrimination then we will be on our way to prosperity-social transformation.

like champions we should emerge from our diversity stronger to face all the stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination.

we should work together to help others


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