philanthropy as been in existence for a long time.however its effects has been minimal and continuously continue dwindling day after another. With more and more being donated by the foundations, churches and  wealth individuals who want to help improve the lives of the people. there is urgent need to reexamine the strategy of utilizing funds donated towards social welfare.

for instance in Kenya most of the funds donated for social welfare is spent on operations of organization in terms of administration, transport, allowances for staffs .what ends up to the target groups in often cases is is a small fraction of the donations.then i ask myself a question whether this aid really benefit the intended group

 take a case of poverty eradication programs which have been set by several international organizations in Africa to be specific in Kenya. my first concern is the offices of most of  this organizations are located in the cities and towns. when i see this my problem start since i know most of the affected people are in either rural areas or in dumpy areas like slums. every time the staff have to make long trips to those areas. i consider this as a misplaced priority, given that funds used in transport should be used to initiate sustainable projects to help improve the lives of the people in the community.

while the donations of philatripist are meant to serve reduce the affliction of unlucky people in the society it has turned to be the source of enrich a few greedy individual. you will find organization have bought prestigious cars to use while serving poor people. what is the rationale of purchasing a range rover sport to be used by staffs helping extremely poor people?is it not a wise thing to get a cheaper car then use the rest of the money starting sustainable community projects. until we put the priorities of philanthropic money right the efforts of those doing philanthropy will be in vain.

another area of concern is leadership. how does the administration undertake the functions. are the community members empowered to take over the projects. what is required is to encourage proper involvement of the society. for Kenya and indeed Africa to achieve the desired millennium goals then the community should be empowered to initiate their own projects. it is true that the vision bearer is the one who has the exact picture of the desired outcome.even if they tried to explain it to people they might not get the same picture the owner has. a reason as to why members within the communities should be given a chance to start up projects, they be empowered with skills and knowledge, to run them because they are the ones who have the right picture of their affliction.

however i am not saying that organization should stop their engagement, but to reduce their spending to allow much to be spent in implementation of the projects. it is not important to rent a big office in Nairobi, it is not justice buying luxurious cars to be used in running of the projects. reasonable amount should be used for expenses while most of donations should be used for establishing sustainable projects within the identified areas.

with proper planning then aid funds will cause a ripple of change in the society.


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