Ronald m shapiro has tirelessly explained the importance of preparing. going through his book i am amazed i have always taken things for granted. preparing gives you an opportunity to enrich yourself on a particular topic.

Be it in business in politics or whichever field you may chose.  You have to dig back into history get precedents of what you want to do, compare then you will be able to forecast. As much as one can never wholesomely rely on the past experience it will help you to get a glimpse of what may happen.

I have been to class, but slowly i am learning more outside classroom environment. Daily experience is shaping my thinking, digging through the written word is opening my vision and awakening my conscious. I have always thought of how is it easy to make a decision. However, with insight from great men who have lived before me , i now know that non of the empire was build in a day.

A lot more was done before the tall buildings in town came to be. Starting with the vision of the builder then consolidated int an architectural design to finding materials setting a foundation to eventually electing the very actual building.

The same thing i have realized happen with life, starting an organization and even developing oneself.It takes awhile before one develop a network of trustworthy friends .Before then people will watch you from a distance .If you persist you will draw some close to you. by this i mean those you share the same values. At this stage then is when you decide either to grow or be stuck. John C Maxwell explain the characteristic of a person who will remain here as selfish and unwilling to develop others.

At the positional level those who are willing to prepare more will encounter unprecedented challenges which will in turn help them grow to higher level. without a challenge you will stay in your comfort zone. This will never trigger your mind to think of anything more than where you are.everybody should start pondering on the effects of not preparing. If you are satisfied you can continue doing the obvious, if you feel uncomfortable get out and act.


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