EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE refers to one being able to monitor and regulate one’s own and others feelings to guide thought and action. in the current business world arrogance has been totally displaced instead ushering in an era of meekness and respect between trading partners. it should be know that the time when blue chip companies will do whatever their chief executives thought is over. a new dispensation where consulting the officers of the lower cadre is mandatory, otherwise competition will catch up with you.

to be able to compete favorably in this modern world , which has become a global village through the use of technology,one has to learn emotional intelligences.

1 self awareness this refers to knowing what you are feeling in the moment and using these preferences to guide our decision making , having realistic assessment of our own abilities and well grounded sense of self-confidence.

self regulation -handling our emotions so that they can facilitate rather than interfere with the task in hand , delaying gratification to pursue goals recovering well from emotional stress

motivation -using our deepest preference to guide us toward our goals to help us take initiative and persevere in the face of setback

empathy- sensing what others are feeling , being able to take perspective cultivate rapport with broad diversity of people

social skills- handling emotions in relationship well accurately reading social situations interacting smoothly using the skills to persuade, lead negotiate and settle disputes.

with these four competences then a social entrepreneur will be able to discover blue ocean markets.


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