social entreprenuership

social investment is said to be provision of finance to generate social and financial returns. it is also seen as a shift in the emphasis from traditional funding to encompass asset creation ,problem solving capacity and ultimately my opinion this is the solution to poverty eradication.

If the government will come up with a policy on how to ensure everyone is knowledgeable on a particular skill, then more people will be engaged. we are all unique. each of us is endowed with extraordinary abilities. if the different abilities we posses can be harnessed we will experience great development in our country.

however as a country, it is all about individual contribution towards realizing this goal. it should be everybody’s desire to help a neighbour discover their abilities. it is the role of organization to instill the spirit of inventiveness.

one is going to tell me that you can not help everybody. i am not saying you be inviting your brother for dinner every day, but learning to encourage them on what you see they can do best. take your time to complement them on the very slight achievement they make.

according to Carnegie not one individuals feels good when they feel they are valued, everybody does. it should therefore be our responsibility to appreciate others whenever they attempt a particular task. Eventually this will help many to develop their emotional intelligence. in social investment , emotional intelligence is a great asset.

building capacity for solving problems is crucial in social entrepreneurship. it will not cost much, i think the social returns will be much higher than one can imagine. for instance in our country ken ya, insecurity is rampant.who on this earth is going to invest financial where there is no peace? who will dare do business at night a place where mugging is the norm.

with social investment , community members will be there on security. for instance will your neighbour hurt you when you are the one helping them to develop themselves? will one still from what they have invested? to me i think  NO! EVERYBODY WANT TO PROTECT WHAT THEY HAVE. ownership of projects and development in the community will play a critical role in ensuring safety to the residents and business community.

the government should work tor wards developing a policy to engage individuals on massive interaction. especilly structuring the nyumba kuni initiative to address both social investment and security matters.this in turn will contribute towards the growth of our economy.

finally is good to know that all of us make Kenya. we should always strive to make Kenya a better place for us, our children and progeny


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