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York of poverty enslaves many people. It is this time that always slavery sugary coated activities always entice many to continue being exploited physically, mentally, and psychologically. Only those who can see beyond the Vail can move to the other end where there is abundance. It is that end where one is free to make independent decision about his or her life. It is that end that one can easily freely express the desire of ages. It is that end tranquility and serenity reign. It is that end that one will always dream about.


As I sit to pen down this article I am mindful of where I have come from. I am mindful of the tribulations that have gone through. I am not blinded by the fact that I wake up to go to the office where even humble submission to the boss does not yield any respect in return. all I get back is scorn and rebuke. What can a man get from giving himself to be a sacrifice of his own dignity? What gains a man by submitting to be whipped miserably by his master? What benefits accrue when you can only take orders without question? It is miserably wrong and uncouth. It is disrespect to the dignity of human race.


Many had a dream, they struggled but they never lived to test the fruits of their labor. Martin Luther king had a dream. A dream that his grandchildren will never be judged by the color of their skin but by their character. To him character was superior considered to color. It is true that character determines the success of a person. Without character, you are no better than a perfumed stinking toilet. You are no better than the electrocuted corpse. Character is better than all the wealth of the world combined.


it is the strong character that will help keep you strong in such a time like this. It is a strong character that will deter you from being dissuaded from the right path. it is strong character that will help you make stern volition. It is the strong positive character that eventually guides you to the way eternity. If for sure it was not for my strong believe in the just world. Then I don’t fathom where I will be now.


Thanks to the best teacher, Mr. Experience. Like I always tell people and myself when in chambers, during that time of introinspection. When i flashback of the many distinction I have scored in this class of journey of life. It is quite evident that I have passed with flying colors.

Yet again today I am being put in a greater test. I am being compelled from deep inside the sea of my heart. To make critical decisions, Floods of thought are washing down my brain. They are falling like rain. They are bolting like thunder. Like the furnace they are burning to unearth the fears of unknown.


I am meant to make a ruling. I wonder whether the ruling will be oral or written. But whichever way I am standing at the cross road. Any way I have to cross or remain. only two options.


I am strong believer of fate. Fate lucky and hard work is what my former master has always insisted. i have always followed that meticulously. But one good thing, always one’s star is never visible until you focus its direction. Sometime in life we move so fast that we forget to follow our star. That then culminates in a complete about turn to come face to face with your star. In most cases this is painful, torturous, and if you can say humiliating.


Agaki where is your star. Tonight I start a journey of tracing my star. I know somewhere some place that it exists. If it means staying in the chilling cold of brokenness, if it is the drought of friends, if it is the hunger for recognition all those can wait as I search for my star.


Life is not static. Life is not permanent .life is a mist they say. It is a beautiful flower in the morning yet the same sweet smelling rose turns to be the ugly weathered flower in the evening. Unless, this flowers are in artificial climate. Same way is life that we live. It can change unexpected. The worst thing you can do is to avoid changing as it comes. Change can be an expensive affair. But the repercussions of not changing with the former change agent will be dire than change itself.


What then is in for me? What option do I take GOD KNOWS and I also know. And let Him forbid if it hurts. Fellow countrymen when the occasion calls to make hard decisions you have no option but to fulfill. When you are called, first listen to your instinct. Never betray yourself. Sometimes it is harsh to be judged by your own conscious than when other people do. Your conscious can only judge you if you are disobedient.


Let the river of peace carry me to abundance of life. Nature flow with the rhythm the heart desires. And when finally I get their let justice consideration and meekness take its course


Agaki Mweberi.




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