Have you ever wondered why people behave strangely? Have you ever found yourself in a very awkward situation like our very own members of parliament in the Hegue? It is not good to prospect what happened but from the look of things you will tell. Frustration is what read in their faces. In the midst of winter. of course strange to them, because I bet some of them have never been there.

Interesting is the fact that they had taken flights from airline which don’t travel daily. Meaning they had to stay there for a while till their flight date comes. Ironically the man, our deputy president they went to show solidarity when standing it the dock left them there. They are not even able to tour the Netherlands since they never considered touring expenses since they were to be in the court for the period they were to stay. Ironically the man they were sympathizing with his Excellency the deputy president is in the country. He is not just in the country, but also performing his duties.

It is ridiculous to see these. It is sickening to imagine how precious time is being squandered idling at the hague.culture shock, hope they ever read on how the Dutch people behave. It is not like Kenya you will be politicking everywhere. There you have to keep your mouth shut doing your own business. I think this will be the worst experience for the hopeless honorable members. They will maybe come back with experience for their colleagues who want to show solidarity. However, they should be quick to learn from their counterpart. A move for solidarity may turn to be a move to solitude .be cautious.

Look at the gentlemen in court. I don’t think they are that desperate for solidarity. Actually their demeanor says something different. Read from the body signs.” Mr. Deputy President says something to your supporters” international journalist implored. The DP went silent. He was not in the mood to say anything. Even with the multitude of honorable members. I think for me that was a clear response to those purporting to give moral support. For me, return of the DP to Kenya to continue with his duties was a clear message that the members who are at The Hague should mind working to build their constituencies rather than wasting time idling in the Netherlands

After all those are personal challenges. Mr. Aden Duale should read between the lines to understand that his loudest noise does not make thing any better for the two powerful allies. He should encourage his troops to continue on building the nation. That will be a nobler course that the urgent state matter of a personal challenge of a people who have not asked for help.

For real, the president has never commented on the withdrawal from the ICC. Why then should the majority leaders from both houses are bickering on the issues. They should stop and do something constructive. The appetite of searching for fame should not be at behest of interests of the country. The two majority leaders should accept and move on.

I rest my case. Think and think again.

Mweberi Agaki ( shadrackagaki@yahoo.com)



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